The Gift of Samuel

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A Look Inside

The Gift Of Samuel:
Grey Dawn

As the series begins, Joshua is fifteen years old and is unexpectedly forced to leave the only home he’s ever known. What Joshua encounters on his journey will push his mind, body and spirit, to their limits. Conflicts arise that make him question his own worth and, ultimately, make him question the reality around him. A gift beyond his comprehension is waiting for him, if he can just find the courage to seek it.

The spark that ignited this book was a series of recurring dreams I had beginning in 1999 (check out my author’s blog above, where I am sharing the actual dreams I experienced, chronologically, along with my headspace at the time that I had the dreams.). At that time, I was struggling and stressed with law school and began journaling the dreams as a form of self-therapy. Now, twenty-plus years later, the father of two teenage boys, I realize the importance of this story. Teenage depression and suicide are at all-time highs. This book, and the books in the series to follow, are intended for young adults, to inspire, bring hope, and remind the reader that we are never alone.

Responses From Our Readers

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A fantastic read! The dystopian future book with true character stories and heart at its core…amazed at the ease of this read, despite complex morality seen page after page…can’t wait for more!

AustenVerified Amazon Reviewer

Good action scenes, which kept me on the edge. Uncanny how this read of a fictional future mirrors our world today…I look forward to the sequel…

Carol PadrónMaybe Author’s Mom, but still Verified Amazon Review

This is a must read. Where the rules of society are no longer the same and survival is based on the grace of those not always with the truest intentions.

Pat GrovesVerified Amazon Reviewer

I couldn’t put it down. It is wonderfully written and kept my suspense from start to finish, while providing reflection and thought into mankind, love and war. A true delight to read.


I was hooked immediately. I found myself wanting more and becoming enmeshed with each character…when you think you figured it out, think again! I cannot wait for the sequel.

Annette MoriartyBusiness Owner

I absolutely loved this book! Like a binge-worthy Netflix show, I could not put it down…In reflection, it is very thought provoking and relevant, and the message within is inspiring.

RobbVerified Amazon Reviewer

If you liked Hunger Games or The Giver, you’ll love this. Get your book club together and start having some deep conversations.

SarahVerified Amazon Reviewer

Definitely worth reading…some very important messages and life-lessons in the book that people can use to process, and hopefully, incorporate into their lives.

MarissaVerified Amazon Reviewer

Thought provoking page turner that keeps you wanting for more. This book takes an original and compelling look at how people address their problems…

NomadVerified Amazon Reviewer

A beautiful story...explores not just the harsh realities the characters face, but the emotions they experience, the faith they embrace and their love for one another. This one will stay with me for a while.


Creative and original plot keeps this book moving. The story will keep you curious and involved…if you want a fun, imaginative read, this is your book.

Kevin MistrikTeacher

Fear, love and finding your purpose, wrapped in a beautiful and engaging story… the characters are relatable and seem to come to life as they are written so vividly…

Shannon MAttorney

Dives deep into the characters’ emotions and, dare I say, spirituality (not something I’m really into)…easy to feel a connection to many of the characters…

John Albert BeaversMusician

Easy to get into, with a strong balance of energy. I was in search of a good read and this was a winner! Put me on the edge of my seat…

Joseph OronaAvid Reader

Amazing story. A truly gifted writer. Not the type of book I would normally read, but I couldn’t put it down. I hated for it to end…

Debbie TyrrellCourt Reporter

I truly enjoyed this book. Amazing that this book was conceived and actually written before the current pandemic and political times…

Trish150Verified Amazon Reviewer

One boy’s trials in a harsh new world…grappling with life’s bigger questions…a timeless story of good and evil…the actions you take creating the person you make.

Kate HinsonAvid Reader

Fast. Emotional and despite the sometimes bleak nature of the story, colorful…making the characters feel real and accessible…You can really sense their attachment and emotional investment…

Michael KostelBest Gift Giver

This novel explores spirituality, family, and social constructs within a page-turning and compelling narrative. I am a reader who hopes to continue this journey with Joshua…this one was truly a gift.

Kathy RyanTeacher

Grabbed me from the Prologue and it just kept getting better. Padrón introduces us to a character full of life, innocence, strength, doubts and so much more…completely drags you in…

Sandra TeranFirst Verified Amazon Review

The Journey

If you haven’t already, please check out my two-minute videos above, where I briefly discuss the origin of this trilogy, self-publishing the first book, and my hope of what the trilogy will become. I cannot get there without your support, so please help me make some noise and spread the word about The Gift of Samuel.

If you’re a nerd like me and my cousin Sergio, here’s a book launch video that really dives deep. Thank you!

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